Sunday, February 23, 2014

Henry Hugglemonster Cake

During the day at random times I often find myself singing "Have a Henry Hugglemonster Day" and that is because my little boy is a big fan of the show. For his fourth birthday hindi na ako nahirapan to look for a theme because the toddler is so sure already of his theme and so we had a roaring Henry Hugglemonster birthday party at his school!

For his invitations I got it from the internet and just edited the texts and sent them through email. Haha! yes, I'm that frugal! Thank goodness to generous artist for sharing their work and to pic monkey for making editing fun and easy.

I did made his cake though. I searched high and low for tutorials in making the henry cake topper but it seems like no one has posted any tutorials yet.  I inquired also on how much a cake topper like Henry cost and it's so expensive (yes, I'm cheap! haha) It's 1,500.00 minimum for a topper like this lang so I made one myself nalang and kaya naman pala (pat at the back!) The topper is all edible and I use spaghetti straws and tylose glue (it's an edible glue) to connect/hold the parts in place.

First trial: fondant is dry and cracking and not so cute henry =)
Second and final trial: better though. yup, I'm my biggest critic hehe.. 

The cake is a Fondant covered Chocolate-Malunggay Cake because I still want my little boy and his little guests to get some veggies, hehe..sneaky! The eyes are actually gummy eyes that I bought from a candy shop.

The final product!
Here's the birthday boy and his quirky zombie pose, hehe! Oh, I also made spaghetti and chicken fingers and mini chocolate-malunggay and red velvet cupcakes that the toddler put sprinkles himself! It was a work of art actually =) (sorry to those who had a lot.. really lots of sprinkles on their cupcakes,hehe)

The birthday boy was so delighted that he wanted to bring the topper back to our house and just put it on display and is still is in our table. I wonder if the ants will soon find their way... But for now it stays there because that's what makes him happy. =) 

Happy 4rth Birthday little man! 
We love you very much!

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