Saturday, October 5, 2013

Oreo-Graham Truffles and Chocolate Ganache

Sitting pretty inside my refrigerator are some left over dark chocolate ganache that I used for my chocolate cupcakes and a bowl of cream cheese frosting from our baking 101 with my friends. I didn't really want to make another cupcakes because that would be redundant and boring. So, why not make a no bake Oreo Truffles covered with Chocolate Ganache? 


1 pack chocolate Oreo
6 pieces graham crackers
1/2 cup Cream Cheese frosting
1/2 cup Chocolate Ganache


Crushed oreo and graham crackers into fine crumbs, I use my food processor.
Mix the cookie crumbs and the cream cheese until it is well combined.
Shape the mixture into balls about an inch in diameter and put in the refrigerator for about an hour to firm.
Dip the balls into the ganache using two forks to roll each other until evenly coated and return into the plate or parchment paper.
Refrigerate for an hour or until firm.

Serve and enjoy!

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