Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oreo Covered Pops

I love Oreo Cookies and its versatility.
Making these are as easy as 1 2 3....

Double Stuff Oreo
White Chocolate or may also use White Candy Melts
Lollipop Sticks or Sucker Sticks
Parchment paper
Double boiler, if you don't have a microwave,for melting the chocolate or candy melts
(if using a microwave, melt chocolate in 30 seconds increment and stir until smooth)

  • carefully remove one side of the oreo cookie
  • using the sucker sticks, make an indention on the cookie cream 
  • dip at least half an inch of the sucker stick into the melted chocolate or candy melts
  • place sucker stick into the indented cream and put a small amount of the melted chocolate to create a bond to the other cookie
  • place back the top of the cookie and let the oreo pops sit for several minutes to harden

photos from easybaked

photo from makoodle

  • dip the oreo pops into the melted chocolate or candy melts. Cover both sides.
  • allow excess chocolate to drain off and immediately top with sprinkles before the chocolate hardens
  • place the sprinkles oreo pop in a parchment paper and allow to harden for at least 30 minutes


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