Monday, June 4, 2012

Giant Cupcakes Ideas

So, I recently owned a KitchenAide that my husband gave me on our fifth wedding anniversary and it comes along with a Wilton giant cupcake pan! I haven't use it yet but I will for sure sooner. Anyway, here are some the ideas that I would like to make for my giant cupcake pan and I hope to add more soon and some that I will be making soon.

Cupcake and Cookies.. yep they look pretty!

Cupcake stacks! 

I'm so excited to make something like this but for a fairy themed party..sooner!

This is very cute. Farm Animals

I hope to make a wedding cupcake in the future

So adorable.  The Cupcake Blog

This is beautiful!  iheartkatiecakes

I so love pink! theribboncakecompany

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