Monday, June 18, 2012

Allergy : Indoor Plants Remedy

It's the time of the year when we experience unpredictable weather. And it's the time of the year when common allergies triggers. As a mom, it's difficult for me to see my little boy covered with skin rashes and we don't get enough sleep at night because that's when the allergy triggers. Though his pediatrician assured us that it's not something very dangerous to the extent... but I still can't stop worrying and praying for the ordeal to go away. 

Red spots that embossed are all over his body... it usually comes out like a theft in the middle of the night.

This could be mold allergy.... 

Lately, Aside from his medication I give him chamomile bath twice a day to ease itchiness. I'm contemplating of buying a dehumidifier  and while researching indoor plants that helps in purifying the air and helps with allergies caught my eyes. Below are some of the websites that carries a wide range of plants that are beneficial.

They're not just beneficial but will be a pretty decoration as well. Thus, they may be a big help in minimizing the allergens but keeping them in a minimum is recommended. I should also invest in a HEPA filter.

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