Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Left Over Cake

Cake balls, lollicakes, cake on popsicles are just some of the names given to the ultra creative kind of presenting the well loved cake! This has stormed the food blogs like storm for quite a while now and today I finally decided to try them! I had quite a bit of left over chocolate cake and frostings and making them into cakes balls seemed the natural way to use them all up.

Most recipes call out for a boxed cake mix and canned frostings but why not go homemade as long as you're going to do all the trouble to make this adorable darlings? It's more natural and well be highly appreciated, hehe. So anyway, I had quite a bit of leftover chocolate cake and frostings from my recent kitchen foray in finding the perfect the taste for my cupcakes. Refrigerated cakes are a lot more to handle in making these sweeties because they can be rolled easily and wont stick too much to your hands. Here's how:

In a big bowl, crumble the cake into fine crumbs. In a separate bowl, whip butter, frostings, powdered sugar, and milk until smooth. Pour into the cake crumbs and mix with a spoon. Continue mixing and kneading until fully incorporated into the cake and until desired consistency is achieved. Roll into a ball. Put in a popsicle stick or in my case I put mine in an ice cream cone. It's safer for the kids and they can it everything too!

Melt chocolate or chocolate chips in a double boiler on the stove and dip each ball into the chocolate until covered. 

Let the little helpers do the decorating...

And let them enjoy their ice cream cake!

This is just a rundown to my next cakeball kitchen test... Next time it'll be more creative and more aesthetically fun! hehe


  1. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com

    1. Hi Melanie,
      Thanks for dropping by. I will get back to you soon.