Thursday, March 8, 2012

G7 Trung Nguyen Vietnam's #1 Coffee

Dear Coffee, I love you! ahhh, that's for a good cup of coffee in the morning. I usually brew our own coffee but a few weeks ago a friend of mine gave us a box of G7 Trung Nguyen Instant Coffee from her recent travel with her husband to Vietnam. According to my research this particular company produce Vietnam's #1 coffee known as Ca Phe Chon, a name has the rough translation of "Weasel Coffee." This is the counterpart of our very own Civet Coffee or better known as Tagalog Cafe Alamid (Alamid Cafe). The G7 so far after sampling a packet is quite good. The taste is indeed richer and has full-bodied flavor that is missing from most instant coffee.

While not tasting quite like brewed coffee, this is a great cup of coffee to enjoy when you're too lazy to brew or to bring with you when traveling. Just add hot water and you can have a gourmet coffee anywhere...

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