Monday, May 11, 2015

Monster Inc. Birthday Party

It's been a while! You may, or may not have noticed my absence from posting on this blog. After like a forever blog hiatus, I'm back and ready to share! I can't promise there won't be quiet weeks (hehe)  please bear with me because this hormonal changes in pregnancy is making me very tamad! haha! Yup, I'm on my second trimester now. Thank you!

Here's what I made for my son Ryker's 5th birthday at school. He wanted to have a monster themed birthday.

This is a two tier vanilla cake with buttercream frosting. I let my little boy do the frame work. We had so much fun decorating his cake together! This are all edible. 

DIY invitation with googly eyes.

Loots for his loot bags are cookie cutters, a toy, and some chocolates.

Sugar cookies with edible prints.

I didn't have time to cook so I just ordered chicken and spaghetti at a fastfood chain. I also made some mini chocolate cupcakes with purple buttercream frosting.

The birthday boy feels like grown up! 

His favorite sister!

The school was kind enough to prepare some games for the kids. 

It was a fun and stress free party! 
Happy birthday little man! 

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