Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cupcake Loops - The beginning

Baking cupcakes is more than a hobby for me now... I'm actually earning something from it and by that I mean no more over budget on our weekly grocery, hehe. I don't have formal education in pastry arts though I have a baking for beginners certificate on my sleeve but I'm really just one of the online-kitchen warrior-food network student. But making and decorating cupcakes are my passion! I think that'll be enough to make this hobby into something fruitful. Anyhow, recently I launch my  online cupcake shop and lucky enough I receive orders of five dozens cupcakes for a baptism. It's a great start!

My ever supportive husband was really the one who came up with the name Cupcake Loops. It is because obviously I love cupcakes, pastel colors and fruit toppings and coincidentally my son's favorite cereal is fruit loops! That's how the name was born. 

I will be baking and whipping more flavors and post them here soon and my kitchen will be my partner in my all my cupcake adventures! 

I bake and clean up my mess but I can't complain... I so love what I'm doing. ☺

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