Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ryker's monkey themed party

My sweet little boy turns 2 years old and that means everything is in two! A double celebration and  two kinds of cupcakes in two colored frosting. He had a monkey themed mini celebration this morning at his daycare school together with his pint size classmates and the second and big bash pool party is on the weekend with family and close friends.

patiently waiting in class...

For this event I made a vanilla  and chocolate cake cupcakes. A honey-mustard chicken wings and easy spaghetti. With these menu you will never go wrong in pleasing the most discriminating palates.

To our darling little boy,

      You're officially a toddler now but I still see you as that precious little newborn that I bring into this world. How time flies and now you're saying babyhood goodbye.
       You gave us so much joy... everything about you is wonderful. Always remember that mom and dad loves you this BIG! And we are excited with all the oodles things that you want to become when you grow up. Don't grow up so fast. I Love You.



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