Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baking 101 for Mommies

I love going natural... It's the best thing I can do for my family and friends whom I share my passion for cooking and baking. Using premium products for my homemade baked goodies may be a bit pricey but it does yield good results and it gives me assurance that I'm serving only the best ingredients I can find in the market today. So, why not splurge a little? 

Here's a peek to some of my pantry must-haves to my culinary and pastry journey: 

One of my favorite pastry chef davidlebovitz explains it well on his blog why using premium and aluminum-free baking soda and powder is better than the normal stuff... and I agree!

If I bake for the little tummies I only use these..

Of all the varieties of A.P Flour in the market I prefer the Pillsbury for my baking and cooking needs.

I love mixing a teaspoonful of wheat germ in my champorado =)

In theory, unsalted should be of a better quality
as there is no salt to mask the underlying taste of the butter.

for eggs, I use organic or premium that are in the grocery stores.
Next time I should try the local weekend market. Here's a link on how to store eggs.

Delicious muscovado sugar is a real treat!

I love bobs red mill and arrowhead mill products. I buy them only at Healthy Options branches, my go to place for healthy ingredients aside from weekend markets where local organic producers also display very good stuffs ( hmm, I should write about it... hehe).

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